Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TOP TEN Stores to Boycott Thanksgiving Day

Here is a list -- incomplete, of course -- of stores that are opening (unnecessarily) on Thanksgiving Day.  It's up to us, the consumers, to send a strong message that these stores need to value their employees over the almighty dollar.  BOYCOTT these stores.  In the new global marketplace, they can offer you NOTHING you can't find somewhere else, anyway.

Please tweet or repost this list, and let's start a movement!

1.  WALMART will be open 24/7.  Let's make sure they don't have any customers.

2.  KMART  - if WalMart is open, then KMart can't be far behind.

3.  MACYS -- sadly, long gone are the days when Macy's showed us the true meaning of the holidays

4.  THE GAP -- really?  we can't wait 24 hours to buy some cargo pants?

5.  TOYS 'R US -- how about MAKING toys for your kids this year? They'll love 'em anyway.

6.  BEST BUY  -- if it's true they're circling the drain, this won't help their bottom line

7.  BEALLS -- OMG have you seen their website?  I think I'd be scared to go there anyway!

8.  OLD NAVY -- seriously, you need to save an extra quarter on a $9 tshirt?

9.  DICK'S SPORTING GOODS -- because do you really HAVE to buy that Browning X-Bolt Hunter with adjustable feather trigger on the day we give thanks for our family and friends?

10.  TARGET -- ONLY if the Dayton family is personally staffing the front door and cash registers

Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Reasons to Shop ONLINE on Thanksgiving Day

Most people are aware that there's been backlash against the companies that are opening on Thanksgiving evening (Target, etc) or even going to be open all day (Walmart, etc).  There are good reasons for that backlash.  The poor folks who will have to work those days are some of the most underpaid, underappreciated people in our workforce.  They work very hard all year, and they deserve one or two days with their families. 

If you must shop on Thanksgiving Day, DO IT ONLINE!

Here are ten great links to awesome deals so you can stay home and shop online on Thanksgiving.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HUNGER GAMES: Catching Fire Tshirts

Get ready for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere!

Catching Fire: Movie Tie-In Edition

These tshirts will make great Christmas gifts for Hunger Games fans. Prices range from $23 - $35.