Monday, July 30, 2007

Room 401 T-shirts, Houdini, Illusions

Is anyone following this cool new MTV show, Room 401? It's kind of like Scare Tactics meets Punk'd. Here's how the website describes it:

"Each eerie episode of Room 401 contains four frightening situations that are sure to send some serious shivers down your spine: a man scratches himself until bugs burst from his skin; a toiling factory employee is accidentally cut in half by a clumsy co-worker; a passenger on a bus complains he's not feeling well, only to have his head fall off and roll down the aisle. How will onlookers, passersby and innocent bystanders react? How will you react?

But there seems to be some additional twist, involving some kind of scavenger hunt that viewers can join in on. There have been allusions to Pope Innocenti, Harry Houdini, maybe Morse Code. We know for a fact that Room 401 is the hospital room (Grace General Hospital in Detroit, Michigan) where Houdini died in 1926. That's about all we know for sure at this point.
Room 401 is way cool, and the next episode is tomorrow (Tuesday, July 31) night. Methinks there's gonna be some sweet buzz on this one. Here are some t-shirts that are either inspired by the show, or just somehow connected to it:

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Simpsons T-shirts!

With the opening of the long-anticipated Simpsons movie, everyone is going to want a Simpsons t-shirt, and there are plenty out there to choose from! And each one is funnier than the next!!

In Donuts We Trust ($19.95):
Simpsons T-Shirt Homer In Donuts We Trust (T-168)

Moe's Tavern, Drink Up Chumps! ($18.95):
Simpsons T-Shirt Moe's Tavern Drink Up Chumps! (T-57)

Beer Factor Homer Simpson:
Simpsons T-Shirt Beer Factor Homer (T-162) ***Sale***

American Idle Homer Simpson:

Simpsons T-Shirt American Idle Homer (T-73)

Springfield Isotopes T-shirt ($22.99):

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Vick T-shirts and anti Michael Vick shirts

NOTE: Click here or click banner at top to go to MOST RECENT Anti-Vick t-shirts

Michael Vick is a bona fide NFL football star. The quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, along three others, is accused of participating in a competitive dogfighting conspiracy, buying and training pit bulls for fighting. For the moment, until Vick is found guilty or innocent, he has been barred from training camp while the league investigates the charges against him.

So it's no surprise that t-shirts are available already on Cafepress and other sites.

These ConVICK t-shirts are in the news right now, $20. The site says they're going to donate at least 50% of their profits to animal rights charities.

CafePress t-shirt that says FOOTBALL PLAYERS AGAINST DOG FIGHTING. $22:

JUST SAY NO TO DOGFIGHTING (shown on the Value tee $12.99):

Upper Deck(r) autographed Atlanta Falcons No. 7 red home jersey. This item comes from Upper Deck Authenticated. $799.99.

Upper Deck Michael Vick Autographed Jersey

Monday, July 16, 2007

Transformers (the movie) T-shirts

I'm hearing plenty of good stuff about the new Transformers movie, both from kids and adults. Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Michael Bay, it's full of great action sequences and special effects.

Hence, Transformer t-shirts will be the hot tee this summer:

Transformers Movie: Optimus Standing White T-Shirt
Transformers Movie: Bumblebee Pointing White T-Shirt
Transformers Movie: Barricade Black T-Shirt
Transformers Movie: Decepticon Glowing Eyes Black T-Shirt
Mighty Fine Transformers Ravage T-Shirt

Friday, July 13, 2007

That David Beckham Jersey T-shirt

If you're willing to pay $79.99 for a jersey that has David Beckham's number on it -- and apparently thousands are -- you can get it here, at the Official Shop of the LA Galaxy. This is the very same t-shirt David Beckham hoisted up today as he was welcomed to Los Angeles.

The description says: "2007 Official replica home jersey features David Beckham's name and number on back with official Herbalife sponsor patch on front. Made of 100% polyester.

100% polyester? OK whatever!

Harry Potter T-shirts

Here's a link to a cool website that has a lot of Harry Potter t-shirts available:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ichiro MVP in All-Star Game! Ichiro T-shirts

Wow! Did you see Ichiro's inside-the-park home run in the MLB All-Star game? Whew! What a feat! It was the most entertaining thing I've seen in a long time. Ichiro was clearly the MVP in the game, driving in 2 runs on 3 hits. His speed, bat magic, and base running smarts make him one serious asset to the Seattle Mariners!

Here are some Ichiro Suzuki t-shirts:
Seattle Mariners Ichiro Suzuki Classic Portrait T-Shirt by Majestic At
Seattle Mariners Ichiro Suzuki Player Name & Number Youth T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic
Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners Navy Name and Number T-Shirt

Monday, July 9, 2007

Save Harry Potter t-shirt

The news is full of Save Harry Potter stories. The author J.K. Rowling issued a statement yesterday saying "never say never" in response to the launch of a global "Save Harry" campaign.

Here's a SAVE HARRY POTTER t-shirt! It comes in kids' sizes, as well as adult. Also available on buttons, muggles (I mean, MUGS), magnets and more! Kids' shirt around $20.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dramatic Chipmunk T-shirt

By now, you've probably seen the "Dramatic Chipmunk" on YouTube, maybe a few times. It's pretty doggone funny, I must say. Now, Busted Tees has the t-shirt!
Click the image below to go get it!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Live Earth SOS T-shirt

I finally found that red Wembley (London) SOS t-shirt that I'm seeing on TV. Unfortunately it's in London, and it's in pounds (twenty pounds or about $40)


Friday, July 6, 2007

The Live Earth T-shirt

The Live Earth concerts are about to begin! 7-7-07 will be the date, global warming is the cause. The official t-shirt is...interesting....

I guess that's Morse Code for SOS...Anyway they have a mens and a womens, both $48.

The coolest thing is that it's 100% bamboo.

And here's the CafePress half the price version (organic cotton version shown, $22):

Wimbledon T-shirts and Towels

Ah, Wimbledon! Looks like we're headed for another Nadal - Federer final. Yay, it's great watching those two play, they elevate the game to an art form. But I guess we can't count Andy Roddick out yet, either. And on the womens' about Serena Williams? Gutsy gal!!!

Official Wimbledon gear can be found on the official Wimbledon website. The t-shirts are nice, the towels are the real gems. One day I'd love a collection of Wimbledon towels. Of course, these are British items, and you have to pay a pretty pound to have them delivered stateside, so be sure to check shipping costs. And the items themselves aren't cheap - this shirt goes for 23 pounds (about $45).

This official 2007 womens tee is about $49 (exclusive of shipping):

And the towels...

a mere $47...