Monday, August 30, 2010

September 11 Anniversary T-shirts

Who doesn't recall where they were on September 11, 2001? We'll never forget. Wear your remembrance on your sleeve - or your chest - with these beautiful 9/11 t-shirts. Click to view or purchase.

September 11 Never Forget Products shirt
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9-11 Never Forget Products shirt
9-11 Never Forget Products by PatriotUSA

9-11 Never Forget NY Skyline Tshirts, Buttons shirt
9-11 Never Forget NY Skyline Tshirts, Buttons by Scarebaby

And a cap:
9-11-2001 Never Forgotten Tshirts, Buttons hat
9-11-2001 Never Forgotten Tshirts, Buttons by Scarebaby

Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama: He's Christian, Born in the USA

Can we please put these stupid, misleading misconceptions to rest once and for all?

Barack Obama American Born Christian shirt
Barack Obama American Born Christian by Scarebaby

One Fifth (Wrongly) Think Obama’s Muslim
It’s the old canard that just won’t die. A Pew poll this week found that 18 percent of Americans believe President Obama is a Muslim. Then came a Time magazine poll, taken after Obama’s comments last weekend supporting the rights of developers to build a mosque near Ground Zero, prompting screaming front-page headlines such as “Allah Right With Me” in the New York Post. The newer poll’s finding? 24 percent think Obama is a Muslim. Suspicion (for want of a better word) is especially high among Republicans—in the Pew poll 31 percent of GOP voters believe Obama is a Muslim, compared with 46 percent in Time’s. The White House has responded that Obama is a Christian and “prays every day.” But the Web is having a field day with this one. Link...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jetblue Flight Attendant Steven Slater T-shirts

Flight attendant set a new bar for creative resignations
"If there were still water coolers in the world, the talk around them this morning would be all about Steven Slater, the fed-up flight attendant who f-bombed a planeload of JetBlue passengers, popped the emergency chute and slid down it, presumably into the waiting arms of David Letterman...

...There’s already a “Free Steven Slater” T shirt. Love it." Link...

Flight Attendant Emergency Chute Humor shirt
Flight Attendant Emergency Chute Humor by greenbaby
Free Steven Slater shirt
Free Steven Slater by ott123
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Senator Ted Stevens Is Killed in a Plane Crash

Former United States Senator Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash in southwestern Alaska on Monday night. Five of the nine people on board the small plane headed to a remote fishing lodge were killed in the crash, Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell said. Link...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wyclef Jean is running for the presidency of Haiti

Wyclef Jean on His Decision to Run for the Presidency of Haiti

Wyclef Jean, the Grammy-winning hip-hop star, is running for the presidency of Haiti.

Wyclef for President of Haiti - Scarebaby Design - SKREENED.COM - Skreened - Ethical Custom Apparel

Haiti is scheduled to vote on a new president on November 28. Jean has long been socially active, and he took a prominent role in raising relief money after the Haitian earthquake in January. His charity the YĆ©le Haiti Foundation came under fire after critics accused him of misusing funds from the organization. He denied the charges and pledged to be more vigilant.
Jean has a global fan base, and is reportedly very popular among young people in Haiti. Many political observers predict that his campaign will enjoy strong support from younger voters.
Jean called The Wall Street Journal today to talk about his decision to run for president of his homeland. Link...