Sunday, July 6, 2008

Viva Rafa! Rafael Nadal Wins Wimbledon

You must know by now that I'm a Roger Federer fan. But I have to say BRAVO to Rafa Nadal for that incredible Wimbledon victory. This match was so close that in the end, after 5 hours, the difference was 5 points - Federer won 204 points, Nadal 209. And unbelievably, the match was actually closer than that. And can I add, both men were complete gentlemen after the match. Federer is a paragon of grace and graciousness, and Nadal was humble in victory. Just a beautiful beautiful match, and one that it's a shame anyone had to lose.

I continue to get requests for "Where can I get official Wimbledon towels, t-shirts, teddy bears?" And the answer is that you can get them only at the official Wimbledon shop.

But here are some great tees you can buy from CAfepress and other places, to celebrate Nadal's victory, and perhaps to wear to the US Open in September, when these two great champions are bound to meet again:

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