Saturday, December 13, 2008

Homeless for the Holidays

Lately I've been reading way too many stories of people, noble, honorable, working people, who are becoming homeless through no fault of their own. The brutal policies of the Bush-Cheney regime have brought terrible hardship on the middle class. Not just the wasteful war in Iraq, but the economic and social policies, come at a horrific cost to families just trying to stay in homes, put bread on the table, and keep warm during the winter. Food banks are closing in my town because there are no donations. There are more homeless people than ever on the streets these days, and less help for them. We could be headed for another Great Depression.

This holiday season, I urge anyone reading this to please help in any way you can. Here is a list of organizations that are doing great work. You can help by donating cash, warm clothing, food, anything you can spare.

Goodwill accepts money, warm clothing, even vehicles.

The Salvation Army
does amazing work all over the country. They will accept money, cars, household goods, and airline miles.

Feeding America
accepts cash donations in any amount, and their website states that every dollar you donate to Feeding America helps provide 20 pounds of food and grocery products to men, women and children facing hunger in our country. That means you can donate as little as a dollar and still be helping.

Share Our Strength accepts cash donations, and states that a $35 contribution can feed a child three meals a day for more than a month.

There are hundreds of organizations out there that need your help NOW. Please give a little if you can. Thank you.

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