Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween T shirts and Ties

We know Halloween is all about costumes. But sometimes, a costume isn't appropriate but you still want to celebrate the witching season. For example, in the office, or at school, or just out and about on Halloween week. For those times, you will want a great Halloween themed t-shirt or Halloween tie. Here are some very cool ones at Zazzle, from Edgar Allan Poe to Harry Houdini, to zombies, witches, ghosts and Halloween humor!

The Mummy shirt
The Mummy by brev87
Create a custom tshirt on zazzle

Wicked shirt
Wicked by thebootique
Create a personalized t shirt using zazzle

Day of the Dead Tie tie
Day of the Dead Tie by Aquavel
See the other neckties available at

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