Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Will Win March Madness?

OK OK I confess. I couldn't care less about "March Madness". To me, college basketball is a farce, because it's really a farm program for the Bigs.
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It's all about big money, big publicity, bigtime gambling. It SHOULD be about college sports, but it's not. But enough of that, because there are millions who DO care. So, here's a link to a printable bracket - it's kind of awesome just as a piece of graphic art!

And I read somewhere (yes I'm shamelessly cribbing from someone else!) that the final four is likely to be Duke, Kentucky, Syracuse and Kansas. I don't have a preference, but Duke's sweatshirts are a gorgeous shade of blue:
Duke Blue Devils Perennial Basketball Hooded Sweatshirt

But let's hope they don't play Kentucky, since theirs are a nearly identical shade:
Kentucky Wildcats Perennial Basketball Long Sleeve T-Shirt

And Kansas, who I would have guessed would choose a nice shade of wheat, ALSO has medium royal blue. What a mess! Kansas sweatshirt link

At least Syracuse wears an awesome shade of bright orange:
Syracuse Orange Perennial Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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