Friday, July 16, 2010

Paul the Octopus Oracle Tshirts

Germany rejects Spanish bid to buy Octopus oracleOctopus oracle Paul's prescience wasn't needed to predict how this one would turn out: His aquarium in Germany on Friday gave a resounding "nein" to a bid to move the celebrity mollusk to Spain. Viva Espana with Octopus Soccer Tshirt shirt
Viva Espana with Octopus Soccer Tshirt by greenbaby

Paul rose from obscurity in Oberhausen's Sea Life aquarium during the World Cup to international celebrity as he correctly called the outcome of Germany's seven matches in the monthlong tournament, time and again picking a mussel from a tank marked with the flag of the would-be winner.
España Campeón del Mundo shirt
España Campeón del Mundo by lukin21

He also correctly predicted Spain would beat Germany in the semifinals — prompting many in his home country to speculate how he would taste grilled in garlic butter. Link to the story...

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