Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Politicizing Pi Day

Yesterday, I told you a little bit about Pi, and Pi Day. Pi Day, by decree of Congress, falls on March 14 every year. This is because pi's value is approximately 3.14. I also mentioned that pi is an irrational number. It's not a far stretch, in this political season, to marry the irrationality of pi with the irrationality of certain political candidates. When I threw those two things into the blender, out came a couple of funny t-shirts.

Donald Trump Pi Day Irrational Tshirt

I tend to lean, politically, left. That's another reason these tshirts appeal to me so much. The Republican posse of current presidential candidates has been rightly termed a "clown car" by many, because it seems to be completely devoid of anyone actually qualified to be President of the United States. The statements from these men (Carly Fiornina doesn't count, she's out) grow more outrageous, unrealistic, inaccurate and shocking every day. It's a wonder the entire Republican party hasn't exploded yet.

Ted Cruz Pi Day Irrational Tshirt

These tees are available on Amazon, or by clicking the link below each image.

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