Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Make Donald Drumpf Again

By now you've probably seen the brilliant segment by John Oliver, skewering Donald Trump merely by telling the truth about him. But in case you haven't seen it, here it is.

Donald Drumpf. Doesn't have quite the same ring of wealth and power as Donald Trump, does it? I mean, President Drumpf? Not bloody likely. Drumpf Towers? Nah. Drumpf Casino? I wouldn't spend a dime there. So the Donald can thank his lucky stars that his grandfather, Frederick Drumpf, started calling himself Frederick Trump. It's not known, according to the website Bustle, "... if he ever changed his name officially. Some have speculated that he didn’t want to be known as “Drumpf” because of prevailing prejudice against Germans (which would heighten, of course, during World War I)."

Still, the name Drumpf has spawned all kinds of spoofs and memes on the Internet, including more than one hashtag on Twitter. #makedonalddrumpfagain trended for days, and there's a website where you can get a "drumpfinator" extension for Chrome that changes the word Trump to the word Drumpf on every page you view.

Cue the tshirts!

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