Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wimbledon is coming! Yay summer!

If it's June, it's strawberries and Wimbledon! Here is an array of items to celebrate the coming of the greatest tennis tournament of all! (Click images to be taken to where you can buy the items)
First, a Maria Sharapova backpack:
Prince Sharapova Tennis Backpack

Second, a fabulous Roger Federer print (under $100):Roger Federer Framed Photo - Fist Pump

A really cute design, available on a tennis t-shirt style dress (no pic of the dress available, sadly, but the little puppy with the tennis balls is such a cute design I couldn't resist - about $20):Puppy-Tennis Girl Womens T-Shirt Dress

And finally, a fresh strawberries t-shirt from CafePress(about $20):
Fresh Strawberries Label Ash Grey T-Shirt

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