Friday, July 6, 2007

Wimbledon T-shirts and Towels

Ah, Wimbledon! Looks like we're headed for another Nadal - Federer final. Yay, it's great watching those two play, they elevate the game to an art form. But I guess we can't count Andy Roddick out yet, either. And on the womens' about Serena Williams? Gutsy gal!!!

Official Wimbledon gear can be found on the official Wimbledon website. The t-shirts are nice, the towels are the real gems. One day I'd love a collection of Wimbledon towels. Of course, these are British items, and you have to pay a pretty pound to have them delivered stateside, so be sure to check shipping costs. And the items themselves aren't cheap - this shirt goes for 23 pounds (about $45).

This official 2007 womens tee is about $49 (exclusive of shipping):

And the towels...

a mere $47...

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