Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Vick T-shirts and anti Michael Vick shirts

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Michael Vick is a bona fide NFL football star. The quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, along three others, is accused of participating in a competitive dogfighting conspiracy, buying and training pit bulls for fighting. For the moment, until Vick is found guilty or innocent, he has been barred from training camp while the league investigates the charges against him.

So it's no surprise that t-shirts are available already on Cafepress and other sites.

These ConVICK t-shirts are in the news right now, $20. The site says they're going to donate at least 50% of their profits to animal rights charities.

CafePress t-shirt that says FOOTBALL PLAYERS AGAINST DOG FIGHTING. $22:

JUST SAY NO TO DOGFIGHTING (shown on the Value tee $12.99):

Upper Deck(r) autographed Atlanta Falcons No. 7 red home jersey. This item comes from Upper Deck Authenticated. $799.99.

Upper Deck Michael Vick Autographed Jersey

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