Wednesday, August 8, 2007

756* The 756 Asterisk T-shirt Protesting Barry Bonds

It's the hottest thing in sports today. The 756* (or 756 Asterisk) t-shirt, protesting the record Barry Bonds just broke. Hank Aaron's 755 home run record held for a long time, but were steroids a factor on Bonds' breaking that record? 756 home runs, will the record books contain an asterisk? You're the fan, you have to be vocal and tell Bud Selig what you think. Wear the 756 asterisk t-shirt to the next ballgame you go to, to make sure everyone knows what you think. Here's one done in the colors of the San Francisco Giants ($20):

Oh, and if you were there? If you actually witnessed the record being broken? Then you will want the memento t-shirt, that says "756 I Was There" with the date:

Also available on magnets, mugs and the usual.

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