Saturday, August 4, 2007

Barry Bonds T-shirt Home Run King

Well, he did it! Barry Bonds hit home run number 755 today to tie the record set by Hank Aaron. A remarkable achievement, and everyone is going to want a Barry Bonds t-shirt to commemorate the event, right?

San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds T-shirt by Majestic Athletic
San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds World's Baddest Bat T-shirt by Majest

Barry Bonds 756 Logo Milestone T-Shirt by Majestic Athletic (Image coming)

Property of Barry Bonds Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt by Majestic Athleti
San Francisco Giants Barry Bonds Name and Number T-Shirt by Majestic A

And for those who aren't quite as certain that Bonds achieved his record without the assistance of some kind of performance enhancing substances, we offer these:


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