Monday, March 10, 2008

T-shirt Designers Respond Quickly to Spitzer Scandal

Well, that was fast! The news broke around noon, and by 5 pm there were half a dozen t-shirts on Cafepress that poked a little fun at the sex scandal of NY Governor Eliot Spitzer. I know this is a painful experience for Spitzer's family, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not really big news, is it? Who among us doesn't know that white men in positions of power tend to fall victim to that most human of faults..hubris? So without further ado, Spitzer t-shirts here! Click image to buy what's sure to become a historical artifact.

Client 9 Smooch Organic Cotton Tee $24.99 Also available on boxer shorts, thongs, hats, and other t-shirts

Client number 9 has resigned, so finally Client number 10 gets his turn! $24.99


Client 9 Dark T-Shirt $22.99

Client 9 Boxer Shorts $13.99 Also Available on T-shirts and Hats

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