Monday, March 3, 2008

VIVA OBAMA Merchandise and Products

It seems Hispanics are embracing Barack Obama with the same enthusiasm as many other communities. Viva Obama products are wildly popular on the web, and will probably continue to be so throughout the summer. Here are some VIVA OBAMA t-shirts, buttons and Viva Obama posters available out there. As always, click the link to learn more or to purchase the product shown.

Viva Obama Baseball Jersey $23.99, 10-pack of buttons $21.99, small poster $21.99

Viva Obama with paint splatters $22.99, also available on buttons, posters, hats and more

Bold Black Letters Viva Obama on a Blue t-shirt $26.99 Also available on many different color t-shirts, white t-shirts, buttons, posters, hats.

Viva Obama Long Sleeved Shirt $28.99 Also available on many different colors and styles of shirt as well as some buttons

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