Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earth Day, Ice Shelves, Global Warming and What You Can Do

As consumers, we all leave a carbon footprint. But the new news about global warming, and especially about the ice shelves that are crumbling is pretty frightening. It's almost too late for us to save this planet as a habitable place for our children, grandchildren and on. We must act NOW to make some major changes, and those changes must be widespread. Here, then are some ways you can make changes, without hardship, that will help save our delicate planet.
Reduce your impact on global warming, and save money by shopping at places committed to green products. One such is ChangeforGreen
, which has good prices on everything from low flow shower heads to those ecofriendly light bulbs.

Spread the word about the oceans with organic t-shirts from Cafepress:

Japan Stop Whale Killing Organic Men's Fitted T-Sh

Don't Let the Whales Disappear Organic Men's T-Shi

Save the Whales with Orca Organic Men's T-Shirt

Ride a bicycle. It's good for your health, good for the environment, and maybe it will shame all those commuters a little bit.

Save the Planet Ride a Bike Organic Women's T-Shir

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