Monday, July 25, 2011

Tell John Boehner to Tax the Rich Fairly

My fellow Americans,

Are you not MAD AS HELL about the GOP hostage taking that's going on in Washington? Some call it economic terrorism, I call it being OWNED by the corporations and the super rich. And I'm sick to death of it. John Boehner is the guy in charge, and he needs to hear from us, the American people. We are sick to death of paying MORE than our fair share of taxes when the giant corporations (what he has been instructed to call "job creators" even though they've created almost NO new jobs in the ten years of the Bush tax cuts) and the super wealthy get richer and pay less.
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Why, America, are we not UP IN ARMS over this crisis? TAKE SOME ACTION. Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

1. CALL JOHN BOEHNER'S WASHINGTON DC OFFICE at (202) 225-6205. Tell him to roll back the Bush tax cuts.

2. Call your State Senators and tell them the same thing. HERE is a handy page that will help you find your senators and their contact information.

3. Contact your Congressional representatives in the House. Here's an extremely useful page to locate that information.

4. Visit the website of, sign up for and consider making a small donation to any organization that is fighting to roll back the Bush tax cuts. For example, is not the fringe lefty organization some would have you think. They are, in fact, working for YOU. Help 'em out.

5. Wear a tshirt or button, buy a bumper sticker, spread the word.

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