Friday, January 11, 2013

Anti-Valentine Fun

OK so you're more the "anti-Valentine's Day" type? Here are a few of our favorite anti-Valentine (or AntiVD, as I like to call it) greeting cards for your amusement. Click on any image (including the one above) to learn more or to purchase. (Caution: some of these are a bit risque!) Valentine Card - Skulls and Broken Heart Al Capone Mugshot Anti Valentine Cards Most of these are from Zazzle, so you can buy just one (the exception is the very top "voodoo" one), or you can save if you want to buy in bulk. Bleh Meh Yuk Anti Valentine Card My Heart's Ventricle Greeting Card Valentine's Day, Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat Card Devilish Anti-Valentine Greeting Cards Who Killed Cupid? Card No, You're Not on My Bucket List Tshirt Card

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