Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -

One day there won't be a need for this annual post. One day breast cancer will be annihilated in this country, and in the world. One day, we'll have a vaccine, or a pill, or some other simple remedy for breast cancer. But until that day, we all need to keep the focus on awareness, treatment, prevention, and finding a cure. Tshirts are one way to raise awareness.
Cafepress has always been very good about opening a Breast Cancer Awareness portal with a percent of the profit donated to breast cancer causes. I've been attempting to contact folks there to see if that's still going to be the case this year. IN the meantime, here are some new tshirts from my shop at Cafepress, and I do donate. They are all available in my shop at Scarebaby Design. Please visit.

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