Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tip Jar Sayings and How to Make a Tip Jar that Stands Out

Every sandwich artist, barista and movie popcorn counter worker knows that tips are vital for service workers' existence. The best way to get good tips, of course, is to give great service! Smile, act like you're happy to see someone and happy to make their coffee (even when you aren't), and cultivate relationships. But even the best customer won't usually tip if the tip jar isn't readily visible. I don't know how many times I've had to ask "Do you have a tip jar?" only to be directed to some little baby food jar shoved in a corner, or some nasty old jar with a frayed and barely legible hand written "TIPS" label stuck on with yellowing tape.
A tip jar that's attractive, has a funny saying, appeals to the customer's sense of fun or guilt, or merely is eye-catching, can go a long way toward encouraging customers to drop a few extra quarters. Here are a few tip jar stickers you can order from Cafepress to brighten up your tip jar!

Pick up a bunch, for the holidays and after!

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