Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Anti Trump Tshirts for Posterity

I've been thinking for some time now that this election cycle is one for the history books. No one has ever run a Presidential campaign the way Donald Trump has. He started with no staff, no plan, no campaign office. He treated the entire campaign like a reality show, and the mainstream media was his willing aide, covering his every utterance and gesture. He had no need to spend money or acquire staff, since he was getting free air time virtually 24.7. And he understood that to be outrageous was to be given free TV time. There was madness, there was method and there was luck. Luck that the American populace has become so cynical that we expect nothing but lies from politicians. All this is going to backfire, bigtime, for the GOP. Donald Trump doesn't care, he will land on his feet, because what he wants is attention, and he will get it from now until forever. He is the 21st century PT Barnum, and this country is full of suckers. He knows that. I'm not going to call it genius, I'm going to call it experience, because his years doing "The Apprentice" was actually HIS apprenticeship. With all that in mind, anti-Trump tshirts are going to be something you want to tuck away and give your grandkids, as proof that this election really happened. Trust me, this will be studied from now until doomsday. We can only hope it is studied with the end goal of "NEVER AGAIN".

Love TRUMPS Hate Tshirt

Treasonous Trump for Prison T-shirt


Losing to a Girl Anti Trump Tshirt Humor

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