Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zombies! We love Zombies!

Nothing made us laugh more this last week than the hackers who managed to put "Warning! Zombies Ahead" and various other forms of zombie attack warnings on those electronic road signs in Texas and other places. Let's face it, zombies are hot right now. We scrounged around Zazzle and found some cool zombie t-shirts. Click 'em to buy 'em!
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Zombies Ahead! shirt
Zombies Ahead! by greenbaby

Fast Moving Zombies Dark Shirt shirt
Fast Moving Zombies Dark Shirt by exclaimwear

zombies shirt
zombies by possiblyphilip

Mr. Happy T-Shirt Toon shirt
Mr. Happy T-Shirt Toon by Skydancer

Zombies Were People, Too! shirt
Zombies Were People, Too! by KirkStarr

Zombies are Coming1 shirt
Zombies are Coming1 by insanetsharts

HUG zombie shirt
HUG zombie by censorship

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