Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canvas Tote Bags - Their Time Has Come

At the end of February, my local grocery store started charging for plastic bags. And not a nickel or a dime, but .20. That's 20 cents. Now that might not sound like a lot, but I shop there almost every day, and rarely get out of there with just one bag.

Live Green Tote Bag

Doing the math, I see that if I end up getting 365 bags from them in a year, that comes to $73.00. Not a fortune, but for that amount of money I could buy a few canvas tote bags that have so many advantages over plastic, that it's crazy not to do it. Canvas shopping bags help the environment, they're much more attractive than plastic, they hold more, and let's face it, it's hip, trendy and important. I would love to see a few pictures of celebrities carrying their own tote bags into the grocery store, imagine what that would do for the cause!

So, with Earth Day approaching (April 22) we offer a selection of canvas totes available on the web, mostly at Cafepress and Zazzle. They range in price from $15 on up. Buy several, so you always have one or two in the car.
Go green tote bag embroideredbag
Go green tote bag by Stitchbaby
Real embroidery from zazzle

One Less Plastic Bag Organic Cotton Tote embroideredbag
One Less Plastic Bag Organic Cotton Tote by Stitchbaby
Shop for an embroidered bags online at

100 Percent Organic Shopping Bag embroideredbag
100 Percent Organic Shopping Bag by All_Organic
Shop for embroidered tote bags at

Organic Shopping Bag embroideredbag
Organic Shopping Bag by All_Organic
Make your own embroidered bag online at

Go Green Daisy Canvas Tote Bag

Green is the New Black Tote Bag

LOWEST PRICE! Green Groceries Cloth Shopping Bag

Go Green! Cloth Tote Bag for Groceries

Global Warming Ride a Bike Tote Bag

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