Monday, March 23, 2009

Whales Stranded, Beached, Dying in Australia

Lately, there have been an unusual number of stranded whales in the Australia area. Large groups of them wash up, or become stranded, on beaches in Tasmania and elsewhere. This is terribly distressing. Most recently, more than 80 whales washed up along the coast of Australia over the weekend. Sadly at least 67 of those whales and dolphins died before rescuers could reach them. Earlier this month, 194 pilot whales and seven dolphins became stranded on a sandbar in Tasmania. Only 54 whales and dolphins survived to go back into the ocean.
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Save the Whales! by greenbaby

What is causing this terrible tragedy? We need to find out, before we lose all these magnificent mammals (yes, whales are mammals, just like us).
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Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are two organizations that are actively trying to stop illegal whaling in our oceans. Support one, support the other, but spread the word that we humans need to be better stewards of our oceans and our environment, and we need to work together to save the whales.

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