Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad News About the Whales

People, it's not just the whales that are in trouble. Our entire oceanic ecosystem is on the verge of collapse. We need to educate ourselves TODAY, there is no time left to waste. Experts believe that the oceans will become unable to sustain life in any form within the next 40 years. That's not some nebulous "great great grandkids' lifetime" - that's within YOUR lifetime, and MY lifetime.

One day after attempted rescue, six stranded whales die on Australian beach
Six whales have died after becoming stranded on a southwest Australia beach, one day after conservation officials attempted to rescue them.
A pod of about 90 long-finned pilot whales were stranded on Hamelin Bay Tuesday. More than 70 of the mammals died, along with four dolphins, but about 10 whales were guided back out to sea by officials from the Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. Six of the rescued whales washed up on a different beach less than a day later. Three died of natural causes Wednesday, and the other three were shot by veterinarians due to their poor condition. The rest of the story....

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