Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST Starts Tonight! LOST t-shirts

Shut off the cell phone, lock the door, order the pizza, and kick back because tonight is going to ROCK! The start of the new, and final, season, of Lost. If this isn't the best TV on TV, I don't know what is. I don't expect every mystery to be addressed, every conundrum to be resolved, every question to be answered. But I do expect an awesome show filled with all my favorite characters. Who doesn't love Hugo "Hurley" Reyes?

Will Juliet come back, or is she, as her name implies, tragically done for? And if so, does that mean Sawyer is her Romeo, who will commit a heroic act that will seal his demise? And if he does, where will that leave Kate?
Is Sayid really dead? Perhaps that's all right; the tortured torturer finally finds peace and redemption (although nothing can really redeem a torturer, in my eyes.)
What about Ben Linus? Who is he? Is he good or evil? And is Desmond no longer unstuck in time? Can Drive Shaft have another hit, without Charlie? How did the Man in Black manage to shapeshift into the spitting image of Locke?
And what, if anything, do those numbers mean?

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