Friday, February 19, 2010

TEAM USA and American Flag Caps and Shirts

Are you watching the Olympics? It's really exciting! I know people call the Winter Olympics the 'lesser' of the games, but I don't agree. The mens' skating last night, the moguls, the hockey, and the snowboarding. It's awesome!

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I'm not a huge fan of ice dancing, as the dancers have very restrictive rules (no lifts, etc.), so I'll probably watch a lot of hockey for the next few days. Patriotic Peace and Victory Sign embroideredshirt
Patriotic Peace and Victory Sign by Stitchbaby
I think if the US and Canada end up in the hockey finals, for the gold medal, that will be really exciting!Embroidered American Flag Polo Shirt embroideredshirt
Embroidered American Flag Polo Shirt by Stitchbaby
United States of America embroideredhat
United States of America by Stitchbaby
American Flag Cap embroideredhat
American Flag Cap by Stitchbaby

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