Friday, December 2, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas... Four Colly Birds

OKee I confess I had to look up "colly birds". One source says that a colly bird is a blackbird, and that "colly" is old English for "coal black". Some versions of the poem have changed "colly" to "calling". So...birds....let's see what kinds of bird themed gifts there are out there on the web.

Raven Scrying Pendant in Sterling Silver $95

Angry Birds Cell Phone Cover $21.39

Snow Man Wreath Bird Seed $15.93

The White Album (Remastered) [Enhanced, Limited Edition, Original Recording Remastered] The Beatles | Format: Audio CD $17.16

Mod Fall Owls giftbox
Mod Fall Owls Gift Box $38.55

"NO FEAR" Wood Ducks Fledging Poster

Glam Naturale Free as a Bird 3D Birdcage Pendant Necklace $26.95

Decorative Bird Cage Centerpiece Black Each
Decorative Bird Cage Centerpiece Black $12.99 Each

Silver Tone Multi Color Rhinestone Parrot Cocktail Ring $29.99

And as always, for the superrich, the 1%, we offer a birdhouse for your garden. It's not that it's THAT expensive, it's just that....who has $400 to spend on a bird house??

Birdhouse $398.00

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