Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sixth Day of Christmas - Geese a -Laying?

Six geese a-laying...

The sixth day of Christmas is all about geese that lay eggs....let's see...a little free association is required here, because really I can't imagine anyone but Ma and Pa Kettle wanting to find a goose under their Christmas tree.
Patience Brewster Krinkles - Six Geese A-Laying Ornament $39.99

I bet we'd all like a nice goose-down comforter!

The Himalaya Comforter in Various Sizes - Select 700+ Polish White Goose Down or 800+ White Goose Down - $480

Or maybe just the pillow, for $149.99Pacific Coast® Hotel Collection White Goose Down Luxury Pillow - King

Charms for bracelets are hot this year. Here's a cute goose one:
VINANI German 925 Sterling Silver Charm Pendant Goose $39.45

And for the adventurer, the cold weather lover, the inveterate snowshoer, a warm coat is a necessity.
Canada Goose Ontario Down Parka $590

On the other hand, you could send someone a Christmas goose for dinner!
Frozen Free Range Goose by Sassafras Valley Farm $80

'Course the kids would love a nice Mother Goose book...

The Real Mother Goose

The Real Mother Goose

The Real Mother Goose

And, as always, if you're rich or want to live like the 1%, you could always serve some foie gras...

Rougie Block of Duck Foie Gras Pate 4.76 oz $550

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