Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gifts for Teachers and Teacher Appreciation

When I was a kid, the last day of school was just an hour or so, where we got our final report cards, cleaned out our desks, and then went home to start vacation. What a great day that was! Spring was in the air, and summer was a promise just around the corner.

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Nowadays, I imagine it's pretty much the same with one difference. Kids are expected these days to give teacher a gift. With that in mind, the Today show and I are suggesting tote bags for teachers. They show you care about the environment, they say that you know teachers carry a heavy load, and they're functional in many ways. Here are some cute ones for language teachers (French teachers, Spanish teachers, German teachers, Norwegian teachers): And here are a few from Zazzle that are great looking and functional:
World's Best Math Teacher zazzle_bag
World's Best Math Teacher by teachertshirt
Design your own personalized tote bags online at
Gifts for Teachers zazzle_bag
Gifts for Teachers by cooltees
Design unique custom made tote bags at

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