Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee Memorabilia

Everyone's cashing in on Queen Elizabeth's 60th year on the throne, the Diamond Jubilee of 2012. Even Prince Charles has launched a line of commemorative gifts - ranging from a stuffed corgi($94)and a mohair teddy bear ($275) to a God Save the Queen cushion ($101) - through his Highgrove website, all profits from which go to charity. Party Pieces, the online party shop owned by Kate Middleton's parents, is taking a more festive approach, with cheap paper plates,
napkins, plastic beer cups,
capes, caps, decorations, you name it, they have it. In addition, you can find a myriad of commemorative t-shirts and gifts online. Here are a few, from Royal Gifts and a few other Zazzle shops:
ER II Diamond Jubilee Tshirt

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