Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top Ten Obama Re Election Tshirts

I'm already sick to death of the negativity of the Republican Convention, aren't you? All that hate just gets to me. It's no secret I'm an Obama supporter, but still, the attack-and-insult strategy of the GOP is just ugly. So let's lighten the mood with some darn good looking Obama tshirts! From Cafepress:

OBAMA 2012 Pink Faded Women's T-Shirt

Re Elect Obama in 2012 with Peace Sign Made of Flags

From Skreened:

Women for Obama 2012

Reelect Obama O2 tshirt

From Zazzle:

Annoy a Conservative ReElect Obama Products Tshirts President Barack Obama 2012 Gear Tee Shirts Re-Elect President Obama Election 2012 Gear T Shirt From Stylin' Online:

Barack Obama Commander in Chief T-Shirt

President Obama Super O Blue Baby Doll Tee

In Barack Obama We Trust Blue Ringer T-Shirt

And as a bonus, here are a few from

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