Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nocturnal House at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle to Close

Fans try to save zoo's Nocturnal House; zoo indicates there's no hope
Those of us who live in Seattle have come to be very proud of our Woodland Park Zoo. It has been on the cutting edge of zoo design, quality of exhibits, and work with endangered species. But recently things have changed at our beloved zoo. It passed into the hands of a private organization, which has gone about systematically turning it into a cheap amusement park rather than an educational experience. First they started charging exhorbitant amounts for parking. Then they raised entry prices. Then they tried to hold the neighborhood hostage for a huge new parking facility - whereas parking is only an issue a few weeks out of the year. Then they decided to close on Christmas Day. Then popcorn stands and stuffed animal stalls started popping up all over the place. Then they closed the butterfly exhibit.

And now they are closing the Nocturnal Exhibit, saying it's too expensive to maintain, even as they are building an elaborate new entrance on the west side.

I say enough is enough. We, the community that loves our zoo, need to start really pressuring the zoo to respond to our needs. And let's start with telling them what we want!

Join the Facebook Page to Save the Nocturnal House
Call the Woodland Park Zoo: 206.548.2500
Email them:
Snail mail them: 601 N. 59th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
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