Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who's Dressing Rafa Nadal?

Yipes. Is Nike responsible for this atrocity? I guess I can forgive the t-shirt, although it looks uncomfortably tight at the neck, and makes Nadal look like Dennis the Menace. I actually like the color on Rafa, he looks good in hot spicy tones like this. But the shorts? Eek. There's what looks like a windowpane check to them, in yellow, and man, that is UGLY. And then there's the question of the headband and one wristband being a sort of peachy color that might match the stripe of the shirt, when he's not sweating. But the headband goes red, and the stripe goes dark, and nothing matches, once it all gets wet.

One wonders, did Rafa put his foot down and insist on only ONE pink wristband?

We love him, anyway! And we'd love to see him in this:

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